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HERE Technologies is the world's leading location data technology company. They help organizations across transport, manufacturing, retail, and others build a digital representation of the physical world.

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HERE Technologies has been revolutionizing mapping and location technology for over 40 years. Their platform has been widely recognized as the most comprehensive in the industry. Read on to learn about their privacy challenges and the benefits they experienced after implementing Privado's Privacy Code Scanning solution.

HERE's challenges

Accelerating privacy reviews to be in lockstep with the speed of product development had been a challenge for HERE's privacy team. The process of capturing changes in privacy evidences when personal information is being processed was cumbersome for both the privacy office and the development teams. Subjectivity and dependency on people following procedures meant that privacy compliance was not guaranteed.

As the team tried to address the issues, they encountered further challenges:

Manual privacy operations

The development and privacy teams had to manually log any changes made to the products in the privacy evidence records in order to ensure all personal data elements processed were accounted for.

Incomplete assessment responses

Product development teams' answers to privacy assessments varied due to their awareness of what data elements are personal, and their knowledge of when new data elements were processed.

Lack of data flow visibility

They struggled to identify the data coming in and out of their products, who had access to it, and if it was being stored in a shadow data store—essential to build data lineage functionality.

Need of seamless integration

HERE needed a solution that could easily be integrated into their existing workflows and operate in harmony with other tools without needing extensive development time and effort.

Gap between privacy and engineering teams

The two teams had difficulties communicating due to handling varying terms for similar concepts and operating under different workflows. This prevented them from conveying their asks and expectations accurately.

Why HERE chose Privado

The team sought solutions and implemented a pilot program with Privado’s Privacy Code Scanning. Within a month, a significant portion of all their repositories were scanned, with impressive results and insights. Compliance issues not previously identified manually were discovered early in the process, allowing the team to mitigate them before they became critical.

Improved privacy compliance

Using Privado’s privacy code scanner, the privacy team at HERE could automate tracking product changes that affected personal information processing and ensure that their privacy evidence records were up-to-date, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.

Privado enables us to maintain accurate and current privacy evidence records, identify any personal data element being processed in the code seamlessly, and catch inconsistencies in just a matter of days.
Elena Vidyakina Portrait
Elena Vidyakina
Principal Research Engineer, HERE Technologies

Increased developer efficiency

Privado easily integrated with existing systems, eliminating the need for the developer team to spend time moving things around in the product. Its intuitive UI made it easy for developers to use, resulting in a high response rate and accuracy.

Complete data visibility

With Privado in place, privacy evidences follow the product evolution cadence, and data lineage functionality enables the HERE team to understand what data is flowing in and out of their products. Privado allows them to seamlessly find out if any personal data elements are processed by their products and not covered by their privacy evidence records.

Bridging the privacy engineering gap

HERE gained was the ability to have objective measures when new data elements are being processed, with Privado triggering the necessary processes in the company. Developers now have clarity on what privacy officers need from them, and privacy officers have precision and up-to-date information when changes happen.

The results

Privado's Privacy Code Scanning solution has helped HERE Technologies improve compliance, enhance user privacy, and streamline development. It provides objective measures, triggers necessary processes, and gives clear guidance to developers from privacy officers. The integration with existing systems allows HERE Technologies to identify personal data elements not covered by privacy evidence records, while privacy officers access up-to-date information on data changes.

As a result, HERE Technologies has improved compliance with privacy regulations, enhanced user privacy, and streamlined their development processes.

The unique thing about Privado is their deep understanding of both sides of privacy compliance in the product development. They understand that developers don't always know what privacy officers want from them, and appreciate clarity. And at the same time, privacy officers need precision, and they need everything to be up to date immediately when the changes happen.
Aleksandra Kovačevićl Portrait
Aleksandra Kovačevićl
Director, Head of Product Trust, HERE Technologies

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