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Unparalleled data visibility, programmatic privacy governance, and seamless developer collaboration to systematically integrate privacy into product development at scale.
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Complete Data Lifecycle Visibility

Data Flow Discovery

Accurately visualize sensitive data flows across your systems. See how personal data is being collected, used and shared in real time.

Dynamic Data Mapping

Accelerate your privacy initiatives with automated data classification and live data maps that are always accurate and up to date.

Discover Third Party Sharing

Go beyond connectors and limited integrations. Leverage code scanning to identify and monitor data being sent to any third party, APIs, datastores, etc from your products.

Programmatic Privacy Governance

Automated Risk Discovery

Identify privacy violations at scale across all of your products. Enable development teams with code level visibility and actionable steps for remediation.

Privacy by Design and by Code

Embed privacy compliance into the early stages of the product design and data lifecycle processes. Ensure privacy commitments are considered before data has been collected, stored, duplicated and shared.

RoPA, PIA, & DPIA Automation

Ditch manual and outdated assessments for pre-filled, accurate and self-updating developer-friendly assessments that are embedded directly into your development tools.

Developer Collaboration

Privacy Playbooks

Provide out-of-the-box prescriptive engineering guidelines for new privacy-impacting software and architecture changes.

Technical Privacy Reviews

Reduce risk and unlock efficiency by architecting privacy into your products and new features.

Contextual Privacy Training

Do away with blanket trainings and provide team relevant privacy education for your developer and product teams.

Fully Integrated Privacy Compliance

Privado seamlessly integrates with your existing source code management, CI/CD pipeline, ticket management and privacy management tools.
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“Privado helped us prevent any accidental sharing or tracking in our product by enabling us to structurally build privacy into our SDLC.”

Puneet Thapliyal
CISO, Headspace
Privado provides companies with real-time data flow diagrams and data usage dashboards. Privacy teams can now spend time working to solve real problems as opposed to chasing down individuals who failed to complete a survey!
Stephen Davis Portrait
Stephen Davis
CISO at Thrasio
Privado aligns development processes with privacy by design requirements and gives engineering teams the ability to quickly find, fix, and prevent risks to privacy and data protection in code before shipping to production.
Debra J Farber Portrait
Debra J Farber
CEO at Principled
Every privacy vendor claims to do everything, but in truth, there’s a whole engineering side they miss. I’m excited to see Privado help Privacy professionals start managing the data flows inside the code with a focused and simple-to-use product.
Carl Gottlieb Portrait
Carl Gottlieb
Data Protection Officer
“Privado offers a lightweight code scanning solution that connects with a company's Github account, scans the code, points out privacy gaps, builds reports, and alerts you if non-compliant code is pushed into production”
Matts Kingsland
Matt Kingsland
DPO at Zego
Just the way we have a big shift-left movement in security, we need a similar shift-left initiative for privacy. And Privado is that missing link. It proactively scans your code to find out any privacy gaps, helps you build privacy reports easily.
Sunil Agrawal Portrait
Sunil Agrawal
Privacy & Security Leader

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