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Discover Data Flows across Your Applications

Privacy code scanning discovers how personal data is collected, used, shared, and stored across products to ensure data processing practices are transparent, protect user privacy, and mitigate risk.
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Ship Code Fast with User Privacy

Data Flow Diagram Illustration

Get instant visibility with data flow diagrams

Track personal data flows from all collection points to all third parties, APIs, SDKs, and logs. Share data flow diagrams with your privacy compliance stakeholders with the click of a button.

Illustration showing showing window inspecting lines of code, aiming to identify potential privacy issues.

Find privacy issues in your code

Find and fix common CWE & OWASP data security vulnerabilities including data leakages to logs, insecure data storage, and excessive data sharing.

Illustration of a Free Play Store Data Safety Generator Tool

Free Play Store Data Safety Generator

Automatically generate Play Store Data Safety, Apple Privacy Manifest, and Privacy Nutrition Label reports for your apps, pre-filled with real-time information from our privacy code scans.

Graphic depiction of rules being converted into lines of code for compliance implementation

Implement rules for compliance as code

Use YAML based policy files to design privacy guardrails and empower developers to ship fast without being slown down by privacy assessments.

Get started with Privado Open-Source

Get personal data usage visibility in minutes.

curl -o- | bash

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Privado work?

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Privado is a free-to-use, privacy code scanning tool that helps its users identify and reduce privacy risks in their code. We are trying to shift privacy left so that privacy moves at the speed of software development.

How does Privado handle data?

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Privado never gets access to your codebase. Privado CLI runs locally and no code ever leaves your machine. At Privado, we consider the security of our systems a top priority. We are SOC 2 Certified and follow industry standards when it comes to security of data.

How does Privado help?

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Privado aligns the privacy practices with engineering to help individuals and organisations comply with international privacy laws, like the GDPR and CCPA.

I’m an individual developer, how can I use Privado?

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As an individual developer, you can use Privado to

  • Identify and get a comprehensive view of the data flows in your code
  • Create useful reports like Data Safety Report, and essential reports to publish your app on Google Play Store
  • Promote your open-source project with privacy certificates

How can an organization improve its privacy practices using Privado?

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Organisations can make full use of Privado by:

  • Shifting privacy left and identifying privacy risks before it is too late
  • Develop a privacy mindset in the engineering team with minimal and predictable interventions
  • Stay compliant with international privacy laws, like the GDPR and CCPA, and minimise their risk of a privacy breach.
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