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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act 2021

After California, Virginia became the next state in line in the US to pass a consumer data protection act in 2021. The new law shall provide a series of rights to the individuals in Virginia and put mandates on businesses that are managing and handling

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What are the 7 Principles of GDPR? And Why Do You Need Them?

Want to know what GDPR entails? Read on to learn the 7 principles of GDPR and why they are important.

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Know all about the Personal Data Protection Bill

India’s first comprehensive data protection act that ensures privacy & security of Indian citizens' personal data when used by a business

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CNIL fines Google $120 Million & Amazon $42 Million for Cookie Consent Violations

French regulator CNIL fines Google $120 Million & Amazon $42 Million for Cookie Consent Violations

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Top 6 Record Breaking GDPR Fines in 2020

As for fines and enforcement, the maximum penalty of the GDPA in 2020 is 35.2 Million Euro and is reserved for only intentional violations of the GDPA

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How Cookies Work and How to Conduct a Cookie Audit in 2021

To ensure compliance with data protection laws, it’s important to conduct a cookie audit. You can conduct a cookie audit in three simple steps

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Implement Privado Cookie Consent in Wordpress website - Just in 3 Min

This guide helps you Integrate Cookie Consent in your wordpress website in just few steps. Go live with Privado Cookie Consent for wordpress website.

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Install Cookie Consent in Wix website with this Easy Steps

Step by Step guide for integrating Privado Cookie Consent in Wix Website. Integrate GDPR Cookie Consent on your Wix website in just simple steps

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Implement Cookie Consent in Squarespace

Use this guide to Integrate Cookie Consent in Squarespace in just few clicks. Easy to do integration that works seamlessly.

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