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How Zego went from manual data mapping to complete automation with Privado

In conversation with Matt Kingsland, Compliance Manager at Zego
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< 3 days
To automatically build the data map
8.3 days
Average time to get RoPA responses from developers
Privacy issues remediated automatically
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Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses, from entire fleets of vehicles to self-employed drivers and riders.

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Zego, an insurtech company, has achieved unparalleled success in just a couple of years, with over 300,000 vehicles insured and over $200 Million in ARR while tripling the company size and product offering. Read along to learn how Privado enabled Zego to scale privacy.

Zego's challenges

Zego's privacy team needed a way to automate data privacy assessments to ensure they had enough bandwidth to scale privacy initiatives to match the product growth. The team had one privacy expert, an external agency supporting them, and legacy privacy software in place.

But as the company started to grow, the team had to consider additional concerns: 

Large engineering, small privacy team

Zego's tech team grew 5x in 2021, but the privacy team and supporting agencies did not scale at the same rate.

Rapid product development

The engineering team had to invest all resources in building new features to sustain company growth, leaving them with no time to fill out the privacy team's manual reports.

Resource crunch

The privacy team provided thorough training on RoPA requirements and DPIAs to the engineering teams. Still, the engineering team could pick up the campaign on priority due to resource constraints, leading to delays.

Last-minute requests

With tens of feature launches running parallel and the privacy team's stretched resources, they couldn't be involved in all projects leading to several last-minute privacy review requests.

Legacy privacy solution provider

The team couldn't scale the legacy privacy software used at Zego. The software needed them to upload an excel sheet to it. The sheet was made manually by sending out complex questionnaires that slowed response times.

Privacy by design

While automating privacy was a priority, Zego didn't want to increase risk by exposing customer data to a third-party privacy solution.

Why Zego chose Privado

As Zego's privacy team struggled to get responses for their privacy assessments, they discovered Privado and decided to run a pilot. The tool quickly started showing results:

Complete visibility

The tool scanned all repositories in Zego's codebase and created a privacy report. The report detailed the repositories that process personal data, with whom the data gets shared, and where it is sent. This helped the team automate the manual process of collecting information through assessments and allowed them to go to the engineering team to get context on why a specific feature was processing personal data.

Privado speaks the language of the engineering department, which creates an interest in the mind of engineers and makes them engage with our assessments.
Matts Kingsland Portrait
Matt Kingsland
DPO at Zego

Integrated with developers' workflow

Privado integrated with Zego's codebase on GitHub in under 3 minutes with its simple connection process. The tool only triggered when developers made a change that had privacy issues. This enabled Zego to stay privacy-compliant at the speed of development.

Quick responses

The team used Privado to send out privacy assessments to the engineering teams. Since the tool requested specific information and phrased the assessments using engineering vocabulary, the team received 10x the number of responses in just under a week versus getting little to no responses before using Privado.

Extended team

Zego's privacy team tapped into the Privado team for guidance on creating policies and setting up business processes to help bridge the gap between them and the engineering teams. This enabled the privacy team to get started quickly and ensure they got a good number of responses to their assessments.

The results

< 3 days
To automatically build the data map
8.3 days
Average time to get RoPA responses from developers
Privacy issues remediated automatically
Integrating Privado with our codebase took under 3 minutes. The product quickly gave us the points we needed to get visibility into our code, which enabled us to start sending out assessments to engineers. Privado helped us get 10x greater responses for our privacy campaigns.
Matts Kingsland Portrait
Matt Kingsland
DPO at Zego

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