Discover personal data & map data flows with zero friction

No more tedious spreadsheets and manual questionnaires. Just connect Privado to your GitHub and let it detect, categorizes, and build an inventory of the personal data processed in your code.
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Data Discovery and Classification Don’t Need to be Complicated

Get always-on visibility into your code with Privado Privacy Scan.

Complete Data Flow Visibility

Quickly visualize how data is actually collected, used and shared

Easily contextualize privacy policy compliance with automated data element tagging

Identify privacy risks, and enable remediation with code-level visibility

Protect Sensitive Information

Automatically classify and link sensitive data for disclosure reporting, define policies to govern the use of sensitive data, and generate alerts for remediation when sensitive data processing violates policies.

Identify and Prevent Data Leaks  

Ensure early warning system for data leaks with real-time, granular insight into code changes

Preemptively understand where data will flow when an application runs

Implement detection rules when sensitive data flows to third parties, databases, logs, APIs

Embed Privacy Guard-rails In Development

Flag privacy risks and update PIAs based on updated code scanner findings

Leverage policy as code to automate violation detection

Operationalize violation remediation with developer workflow integrations

Privado provides companies with real-time data flow diagrams and data usage dashboards. Privacy teams can now spend time working to solve real problems as opposed to chasing down individuals who failed to complete a survey!
Stephen Davis Portrait
Stephen Davis
CISO at Thrasio
Privado aligns development processes with privacy by design requirements and gives engineering teams the ability to quickly find, fix, and prevent risks to privacy and data protection in code before shipping to production.
Debra J Farber Portrait
Debra J Farber
CEO at Principled
Every privacy vendor claims to do everything, but in truth, there’s a whole engineering side they miss. I’m excited to see Privado help Privacy professionals start managing the data flows inside the code with a focused and simple-to-use product.
Carl Gottlieb Portrait
Carl Gottlieb
Data Protection Officer
“Privado offers a lightweight code scanning solution that connects with a company's Github account, scans the code, points out privacy gaps, builds reports, and alerts you if non-compliant code is pushed into production”
Matts Kingsland
Matt Kingsland
DPO at Zego
Just the way we have a big shift-left movement in security, we need a similar shift-left initiative for privacy. And Privado is that missing link. It proactively scans your code to find out any privacy gaps, helps you build privacy reports easily.
Sunil Agrawal Portrait
Sunil Agrawal
Privacy & Security Leader

Get Visibility into your Data

Discover Hidden Privacy Risks
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Identify Data Leakage & Quickly Remediate Issues
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