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Try Privado, the Privacy Management platform that simplifies & automates your compliance work for GDPR & CCPA.
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All the features privacy compliance needs with none of the complexity

Customizable yet simple User Interface

  • Stop with the complex & slow interface which requires months of training to adapt. Use a tool that you will love and start using from day one.
  • Privado is designed with small privacy teams in mind. Our self-serve instance is easy to use. Jump start with our pre-built options & configure on the go - it’s as plug & play as it gets.
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Customer-obsessed Support team

  • “The Customer Support team is a joy to work with”- its not just us who say this, its all of our customers!
  • Wouldn't you love it if you got support that gets back to you faster than Flash and solves issues in a blink? That is what our Customer Support team does- they're determined to help you achieve privacy compliance no matter what your stage or size. With our Customer support team- your journey with Privado doesn't end when you buy- it only begins
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Collaboration on a click of a button

  • Don’t choose a tool where assessments stop because your team member’s answer is not in the default list of options. 
  • With Privado, collaborate with assessments and find all the information you need. Team members can choose from our comprehensive list of options or add it one the go if their answer is missing. 
  • This means no matter what the stage of privacy compliance at your company, you can use Privado to gather information when you have nothing and later run advanced assessments for PIAs & DPIAs.
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Affordable & No-Hidden Costs

Don’t bother with complex tools where hidden implementation costs could double the initial price of the product. 
  • Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars for a platform whose many features you might not even need? Choose Privado instead
  • Why? Because, we realize a small startup should not be charged the same as a growth stage company. That’s why we have we have 3 flexible and affordable pricing plans starting as low as $99 so that you can start small and upgrade as you grow
  • Privado also has a credit-card free, 30-day free trial, so you can try before you buy. We also offer free data migration from Excel or any tool and get you onboarded within days.
Pricing Plans
Privado simplifies the complex GDPR requirements with its simple interface. Feature rich but yet cost-effective - especially once spreadsheets become unmanageable.

Gary Langrish

Data Protection Officer, TrustHogen

Let’s Talk Privacy Compliance.

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Privado vs OneTrust - Feature Comparison Snapshot

Pricing Plans


For companies with less than 100 employees


per month
billed annually
Get Started
3 Users
Cookie Consent
Data Mapping
Assessments Automation
Article 30 Reports


For companies with 100-1000 employees


per month
billed annually
Get Started
Everything in Lite +
5 Users
Consent Records
Risk Register
Manage Data Processors
Cross-Border Transfers


For companies with 1000-2000 employees


per month
billed annually
Get Started
Everything in Pro +
Unlimited Users
Customize Assessments
Automate Tasks
Data Processing Agreements
10 hours professional services
Monthly customer success review
Monthly deliverability reports

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A privacy compliance platform that's powerful, simple and affordable.

Privado - it's how you build trust.
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