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Legacy privacy software can't keep up with the demands of modern privacy programs

Trade static for dynamic data maps, automate privacy reviews and discover the code scanning approach to privacy.
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"Hoping that OneTrust addresses your privacy concerns is like hoping that a band-aid can alleviate a brain tumor!”
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Nishant Bhajaria
Data Privacy:
A runbook for engineers

How OneTrust and Privado compare

Privado does what OneTrust can't. It takes the tedium of manual privacy surveys, interviews, and assessments off of your hands. And, allows you to truly scale your privacy program.

Automate the work, get the full picture

Privado enables organizations with modern infrastructure to scale privacy programs by automating data visibility across applications, and embedding privacy checks and issue remediation into developer workflows.
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Always-on visibility into data flows

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Automate data pipeline discovery, and data flow analysis with one-click integration

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Leverage policy as code to automate violation detection and compliance enforcement

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Identify data usage, collection, storage and transfer issues in real time

Illustration of dynamic data mapping and automatic privacy report generation

Dynamic data mapping and reports

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Automatically visualize data maps that are always up-to-date

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Let developers share information needed to create privacy reports directly from the development environment

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Access continuously updated privacy reports in response to code changes

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Put Privacy by Design into Practice

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Integrate privacy design principles into DevOps processes

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Assess in real time your privacy programs with continuous monitoring

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Operationalize violation remediation and audit compliance actions with incident management integrations

“Privado speaks the language of the engineering department, which creates an interest in the mind of engineers and makes them engage with our assessments.”
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Stephen Davis
CISO at Thrasio
Under 3 days

To build dynamic data maps


Time savings carrying out privacy checks

Get Visibility into your Data

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Discover Hidden Privacy Risks
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Create Data Maps in Under 30 days
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Identify Data Leakages & Quickly Remediate Issues
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