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Introducing MuroChat—an open-source LLM chat application

Divesh Sood
December 21, 2023

We're excited to introduce MuroChat — an open-source LLM chat application designed for enterprises.

Our employees wanted to use ChatGPT for tasks like generating code, creating content, writing emails, and other day-to-day tasks. However, we were concerned about the risks involved in terms of protecting our intellectual property and personal data. To address this, we decided to develop our own chat application that would allow us to keep complete control over our data. With this unique approach, sensitive information remained secure within our company, shielding our IP and personal data from potential leaks.

During the development of MuroChat, we realized that many other companies faced similar challenges with their internal chat applications. We recognized that providing an open-source solution would not only address our own concerns but also empower other organizations to bootstrap and develop their secure chat applications. By sharing MuroChat under the permissive MIT license, we welcome developers and enterprises to contribute to its growth and evolution. Together, we can shape the future of secure communication.

What makes MuroChat different from other LLM chat solutions out there

MuroChat differentiates itself in the LLM chat space primarily through its emphasis on security, privacy, and user-driven customization. This, combined with a focus on fostering an open source community-driven development approach, makes MuroChat a versatile communication solution for the diverse needs.

Here are some of its key features -

On-Premises Data Deployment

MuroChat addresses the apprehensions surrounding sensitive data leakage via third-party LLMs by offering on-premises data deployment. This unique feature allows you to have complete control over their data, ensuring enhanced privacy, compliance, and security measures. With MuroChat, sensitive information remains safe within the confines of your organization.

Integration with Large Language Models

MuroChat provides out of the box support for OpenAI ChatGPT APIs.  As an open source solution, MuroChat's flexible architecture allows you to seamlessly integrate any third-party large language model in the backend.

Data Firewall

MuroChat incorporates Microsoft Presidio  based data firewall system that automatically detects and redacts sensitive information in communication. This feature is critical for maintaining privacy and adhering to compliance standards.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Managing user access can be a time-consuming task, which is why MuroChat supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with systems like Okta. By integrating with your existing SSO infrastructure, MuroChat simplifies user authentication and access control, saving time for IT administrators and ensuring a streamlined user experience across the organization.

Local Chat History Retention

MuroChat ensures that all chat histories are stored locally within your organization. This means that your conversations remain accessible and secure, providing you with complete control over your data. Rest assured that critical information remains protected and within your reach whenever it's needed.

Evolving Feature Set

MuroChat has several exciting features on the horizon. Audit Trails and Monitoring for Security Teams will offer detailed logs and monitoring tools essential for effective security management and regulatory compliance. Additionally, Cost Control Features for LLM Usage will empower organizations to balance cost efficiency with the advanced capabilities of LLMs, optimizing resource utilization and maximizing operational benefits.

Open Source for Community Benefit

MuroChat is not a commercial solution; rather, it is an open source project. We believe in the power of collaboration and the benefits of sharing knowledge. That's why we've decided to open source MuroChat, making it freely available for the community. We encourage developers and enterprises to contribute their expertise, enhancing the features and expanding the capabilities of MuroChat to meet their unique needs.

How to get started with MuroChat?

MuroChat can be installed by using AWS CloudFormation template or by building locally.

Head to our GitHub repository for the installation steps.

Posted by
Divesh Sood
Product Updates
December 21, 2023

Divesh is the senior product marketer at Privado. He brings 6 years of experience marketing SaaS products across companies like Zoho, 100ms, and 11 other startups.

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