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Privado celebrates people in the space of Data Privacy

Privado celebrates people in the space of Data Privacy
Mahaveer Kothari
January 24, 2023

Announcing 'Data Privacy Stars 2023'–an initiative by Privado to celebrate the excellent work done by practitioners in the field of data privacy and security on Data Privacy Day 2023 (Saturday, January 28).

As the world continues to grapple with the ever-increasing need for data privacy and security, it's essential to recognize the individuals and organizations leading the charge in this field. This is the idea behind Privado's 'Data Privacy Stars' campaign, an initiative to shine a light on the exceptional work and accomplishments of individuals working in the privacy and security space.

Data Privacy Week, which takes place from January 23 to January 28, celebrates the beginning of internationally recognized data protection & data privacy conventions and aims to raise awareness. With 'Data Privacy Stars,' Privado got over 2,000 nominations and selected 13 individuals, 8 Privacy All Stars, and 5 Privacy Rising Stars.

Industry experts have nominated and selected these individuals for their outstanding work in implementing innovative privacy programs. These stars lead privacy, security, and/or privacy engineering roles at some of the world's top tech companies.

The 'Data Privacy Star' recognition validates individuals who receive it as innovative privacy champions who grasp today's challenges and can project a vision about what should come next. ‘Privacy All Stars' are professionals with considerable data privacy-related achievements accumulated over the years, while 'Privacy Rising Stars’ have been passionately driving data privacy initiatives for under 10 years. 

Privado has planned activities to celebrate and recognize these individuals as part of the Data Privacy Stars campaign.

The first activity is Star Insights–10-minute video interviews with each Privacy Star. They share their unique perspectives on data privacy from their journey. The interviews follow a common questionnaire sparking interesting ideas & perspectives. These were pre-recorded in the first half of January and will be released during Data Privacy Week.

The second highlight of the campaign revolves around visibility, where Privado has created a unique microsite featuring Data Privacy Stars and their respective ‘Star Insights' interview. You can check out the stars and their interviews by visiting

In line with celebrating the people in privacy, the Data Privacy Stars will also be featured by Privado on the NASDAQ Times Square billboard from January 24 to January 28.

Third, Privado will host exclusive Data Privacy Week Dinners in four cities in the US and Europe - New York, San Francisco, London, and Berlin, where various privacy practitioners will gather to network, share insights, and have a good time with people in the space of data privacy.

Lastly, Privado will stay connected with the Privacy Stars through ongoing engagement in the Privado Community. It is a slack community of like-minded professionals disrupting the space of data privacy. Privado Community members share their perspectives on good practices in the field of privacy and appreciate the latest and greatest privacy tech together. Privado will also stay connected with the Privacy Stars via future interviews and hold periodic meet-ups, forums, and dinners to discuss new learnings.

Each Privacy Star has a profile page on the Data Privacy Stars microsite where you learn more about the person and their unique journey & perspectives. The complete transcription of the video interview is also available on the site.

The Data Privacy Stars campaign by Privado is an effort to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations making a significant impact in the field of data privacy. The campaign shines a light on their work and provides an opportunity for privacy practitioners to learn, network, and share insights.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Data Privacy Stars, you can reach out to Privado at

Privado celebrates people in the space of Data Privacy
Posted by
Mahaveer Kothari
Company News
January 24, 2023

Mahaveer is a Product Designer at Privado

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