Headspace Health Secures Personal Data in SDLC with Privado

Headspace health privacy integration in software development lifecycle
Divesh Sood
March 13, 2023

How Headspace prevents accidental data sharing by integrating Privado into their SDLC

Headspace Health has partnered with Privado to mature their software development lifecycle (SDLC) and make sure they are not, for example, unnecessarily tracking users on their websites or mobile apps and that they're not sending any PII or PHI to unapproved third parties.

As Headspace Health continues to grow and democratize access to mental healthcare to the masses, it is increasingly important for the business to further invest resources into cybersecurity and privacy systems.

Headspace CISO, Punneet Thapliyal, was recently featured in BizClick Media’s digital report in the Technology & Cyber Magazine to highlight their approach to building a culture of cyber awareness.  

“Mental healthcare is one of the domains where privacy is super important for everybody, including our patients, user members, and clinicians and coaches. Everybody in the company is highly aware and sensitive about preserving privacy.” Puneet Thapliyal, CISO, Headspace Health

In today's landscape healthcare providers, like Headspace, and other businesses around the globe are increasingly relying on third-party vendors to carry out their day-to-day operations. But while working with these vendors presents many benefits, it can also introduce information security and compliance risks into the company's process. 

Headspace has built a dedicated team who continuously assesses third-party risks in their products. They've recently deployed in their SDLC to help them review privacy risks inside code and categorize vendors to the sensitivity of what data we might transact with them at scale. 

"There has recently been a lot of focus in the media on apps that are doing nefarious things. We don't want to be in that business at all – that's not where we are. But we need to still build the tools to prevent any accidental sharing or tracking. So that's where Privado comes in as a big partner, for us, structurally built into our SDLC, and we're very excited about how our partnership will shape up in the future.” Ouneet Thapliyal, CISO, Headspace Health

"We're happy to partner and support the growth of Headspace Health in democratizing access to mental health care globally. We're committed to helping them get complete, real-time visibility into the data flows of their products and to helping them scale their privacy initiatives." Vaibhav Antil, CEO, Privado.ai

Learn how Privado can help your organization detect and prevent unwanted data flows from your application to third parties. Talk to our privacy experts.

Headspace health privacy integration in software development lifecycle
Posted by
Divesh Sood
March 13, 2023

Divesh is the senior product marketer at Privado. He brings 6 years of experience marketing SaaS products across companies like Zoho, 100ms, and 11 other startups.

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