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Introducing Technical Privacy Masterclass

Divesh Sood
August 30, 2023

Developer driven innovation, the acceleration of cloud architectures, and the passing of regulation that is both fragmented and broad have imposed a technical challenge on organizations whose business models and growth rely on gaining and maintaining customer trust.

As part of our effort working alongside enterprises to solve this technical challenge, we are proud to announce a Technical Privacy Masterclass that goes alongside our recently launched Privacy Engineering Community. At Privado, we understand that beyond checking compliances boxes, organizations need to turn privacy into an engineering enabler and an innovation driver. The course and the community are designed to help privacy leaders do just that.

Technical Privacy Masterclass 

We are thrilled to announce the release of a Technical Privacy Masterclass featuring Nishant Bhajaria as instructor.

In four modules, the course is designed to deliver privacy leaders and their teams with an overview of the pillars of a proactive privacy program, understanding of the foundations that enables this program, as well as the tools and infrastructure needed to properly execute in today’s modern organizations. The course also delivers a maturity framework for technical privacy leaders who want to provide clear roadmaps and communicate their program’s maturity to organizational leadership and regulators.

The course is completely free and successful completion will yield a certificate on technical privacy.

Who is Nishant Bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria is a leading figure in the field of data privacy. He has worked closely with Privado since 2022 and is a spokesman for the benefits of Privacy Scanning. 

He is the author of the most complete guide and knowledge source book on privacy engineering titled  "Data Privacy: A Runbook for Privacy Engineers”, based on knowledge and insights collected from stints leading technical privacy organizations at companies like Uber, Google, Netflix and Nike.

So, what next? Start learning!

Posted by
Divesh Sood
Company News
August 30, 2023

Divesh is the senior product marketer at Privado. He brings 6 years of experience marketing SaaS products across companies like Zoho, 100ms, and 11 other startups.

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