Privado Launches On AWS Marketplace

Divesh Sood
February 27, 2024

San Francisco, CA — Today, Privado.ai, the privacy code scanning platform, is announcing that it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) and is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This gives AWS global customers access to Privado’s advanced, code-centric privacy solution designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between product engineering and privacy compliance. 

In the face of mounting data breaches and a growing demand for strong data privacy practices, Privado’s purpose-built solution empowers modern developer-driven enterprises to seamlessly integrate a proactive approach to data privacy into their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The outcome? Lower privacy risks alongside high speed of business innovation.

Complete Data Lifecycle Visibility in a Fraction of the Time

Until now, it wasn’t possible to create complete data maps and data flows without first gaining access to all relevant data assets or without scanning large portions of your business data. Today, AWS customers will have access to deploy Privado directly within their AWS instance and achieve complete data maps and data flows that dynamically report and visualize how personal data is being collected, processed and shared. Thanks to Privado, this level of visibility can now be achieved in days not months. 

Embedded Privacy Governance

Shifting privacy left is not just about involving privacy in product design briefings. Privacy drifts can happen at any point within the product development cycle, including development, testing, and deployment. Privado enables software-driven companies to continuously monitor drift from privacy promises at all stages and before customers are impacted. Additionally, the time needed to carry out privacy assessments is remarkably reduced as context sourcing becomes automated and input required from engineering teams minimized. 

Privacy Enablement for Engineering Teams 

Communication mismatch between product and privacy teams creates efficiency and compliance gaps that modern organizations must bridge. Privado makes it seamless to deliver privacy context to developers directly within their environment requiring little or zero manual input from them. Privacy teams can easily understand how privacy risks are distributed among products and product owners. 

Privacy Code Scanning Now More Accessible than Ever

The launch of Privado on AWS marketplace simplifies the adoption process for AWS customers, providing them with an easy way to integrate Privado's privacy engineering platform into their existing AWS infrastructure. With Privado.ai, AWS customers can quickly implement privacy controls, automate privacy checks, and ensure data protection across all stages of product development.

“By aligning Privado's privacy engineering solutions with AWS's cloud infrastructure, we are simplifying the path for organizations to focus on growth without compromising on data protection,” said Vaibhav Antil, CEO & Co-founder of Privado

Get started: Start your journey with Privado's Privacy Engineering Platform on the AWS Marketplace today. Discover how Privado and AWS can empower your organization to build privacy into products at scale, ensuring compliance and fostering trust among your customers.

About Privado.ai

Privado.ai is a developer-friendly privacy platform that helps enterprises bridge the privacy engineering gap. Its Privacy Code Scanning solution embeds privacy in the product development lifecycle, and empowers privacy and security teams with complete data lifecycle visibility, programmatic privacy governance, and seamless developer collaboration. To learn more about Privado go to privado.ai.

Posted by
Divesh Sood
February 27, 2024

Divesh is the senior product marketer at Privado. He brings 6 years of experience marketing SaaS products across companies like Zoho, 100ms, and 11 other startups.

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