A Day in the Life of a Privacy Engineer

Delve into the daily life of a privacy engineer: from routine tasks, team collaborations, to OKRs. Get insights to understand and navigate this role.

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8:30 am
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Nishant Bhajaria
Author, Privacy Executive
Amaka Ibeji
Privacy Engineer, Cruise
Sam Miller
Senior Privacy Engineer, Riot Games
Shivan Kaul Sahib
Sr. Research & Privacy Engineer, Brave Software
Stephen Meyers
Data Regulatory Compliance, GoodRx

With the growth of user generated data and the ongoing rollout of data privacy regulations across the globe, safeguarding user data has become a top priority for fast-growing organizations. The urgency has pushed firms to hire dedicated privacy engineers to lead their data protection initiatives.

So, what does a typical day entail for these professionals? What tools do they use, how do they ensure their work aligns with overarching business goals, and how do they show the company leadership the benefits of their work?

Join our host, Nishant Bhajaria, author of "Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers," along with experts Stephen Meyers, Ryan Tenorio, and Sam Miller as they share their experiences and tips on mastering this role.

In this Webinar:
  • Overview of what a typical day looks like for a privacy engineer. 
  • The tasks and responsibilities of a privacy engineer.
  • Insights into how privacy engineers work with other departments.
  • A breakdown of the OKRs they use to set goals and track their progress.
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