Keeping track of ad pixels with digital tracking governance

Is your organization's data sharing with ad partners CPRA and MHMDA compliant? Learn about the available solutions to help your organization stay compliant.

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8:00 am
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Vaibhav Antil
CEO at Privado.ai
Daniel Goldberg
Chair, Partner - Privacy & Data Security Group at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz

Data sharing restrictions with advertisers just got even stricter, and new solutions are needed to ensure compliance. As of March 2024, enforcement is now live for two groundbreaking data privacy regulations: CPRA and MHMDA. Both regulations put more onus on companies to collect, track and uphold consent before sharing user data.

This presents a huge challenge for websites and apps that are often covered with trackers, pixels, and SDKs from ad partners collecting user data on every visit. Full visibility and governance of how ad trackers actually collect personal data is needed to ensure compliance.

In this Webinar:
  • Gain clarity on how recent regulations like CPRA and MHMDA limit data sharing with ad partners
  • Learn about digital tracking governance solutions: privacy code scanning, cookie scanning, and consent management
  • Discuss best practices for developing a robust digital tracking governance program
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