Building a Responsible AI Governance Program in 2024

Discover strategies for building a Responsible AI Governance Program, aligning with company values while addressing privacy, security, and ethics in AI integration.

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8:45 am
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Smita Rajmohan
Sr. Product Counsel at Autodesk
Mohammad Tahaei
Responsible AI Research at Ebay
Alexandra Robinson
Data Ethics and Strategy Consultant
Tarana Damania
Technical Privacy Leader

LLMs & AI have gone from being a topic of discussion to becoming deeply integrated into every product. Privacy leaders must act quickly to develop and implement governance frameworks that help them deal with the complex privacy, security & ethical considerations of this new reality.

Join leaders from companies that are building foundational models and integrating GenAI, as they discuss their learnings while building Responsible AI Governance Programs. This panel will guide you through strategies to establish your program and provide day-to-day tactics for running a successful Responsible AI initiative.

In this Webinar:
  • Gain insights into building a robust Responsible AI Governance Program, aligning strategic frameworks with your company's values and objectives.
  • Discover practical day-to-day tactics for successfully running a Responsible AI program, addressing real-world challenges in privacy, security, and ethics.
  • Learn from leaders at the forefront of AI integration, understanding how they navigate the evolving landscape of Responsible AI governance in product development.
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