How to Build a Technical Privacy Program

Explore balancing privacy compliance with innovation, breaking the conventional divide with an engineering-focused privacy program.

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8:00 am
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Jim Singh
Chief Privacy Officer, Principal Financial
Rebecca Shore
CPO, Albertsons
Hoang Bao
Director of Privacy and Data Privacy Officer, Axon
Nishant Bhajaria
Author, Privacy Executive

In this session, panelists will address the question in the mind of every privacy leader: How can one ensure privacy compliance and enable innovation at the same time? 

Conventional approaches to privacy don't address the gap between privacy and product development teams, making these two business objectives the two faces of one coin. You must choose one or the other. 

Fragmented visibility, time consuming processes, and an inherent language mismatch between engineering and privacy teams has led to business inefficiencies that either block business innovation or rack up privacy debt. Building a privacy program with an engineering mindset, however, can help you break away from having to choose between privacy compliance and innovation.

Join moderator, Nishant Bhajaria along with panelist Jim Singh, Chief Privacy Officer at Principal Financial as they discuss the foundational pillars of a privacy program that is efficient at mitigating privacy risks while effectively enabling business innovation. 

In this Webinar:
  • Unlock Privacy and Innovation: Explore how technical privacy programs can help you break the paradigm and achieve both privacy compliance and business innovation.
  • Foundational Pillars: Discover the foundational pillars essential for an effective technical privacy program.
  • Roadmap for Privacy Success: Receive practical tips to drive your privacy program's roadmap in the upcoming year.
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