Creative Ways to Champion Privacy Engineering Awareness in Your Org

Learn creative strategies to elevate privacy engineering awareness in your organization, weaving privacy into your culture and inspiring genuine passion among teams.

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10:05 am
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Debra J Farber
JD, CIPP/US, Privacy & Security Advisor
Katherine Jarmul
Principal Data Scientist at Thoughtworks

Explore inventive approaches to elevate awareness around privacy engineering. Learn how to infuse creativity into advocacy, making privacy a central theme in your organization. This session delves into unconventional methods that inspire engagement, fostering a culture where privacy engineering is not just understood but passionately embraced.

In this Webinar:
  • Discover creative strategies to champion privacy engineering within your organization
  • Learn how to weave privacy awareness into the fabric of your organizational culture
  • Uncover methods to instill a genuine passion for privacy engineering among teams

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