Identify and protect sensitive data with privacy code scanning

Mapping data flows ensures data security & privacy policies. The manual approach has flaws. Learn how code scanning helps detect/prevent leaks & ensure privacy by design.

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8:23 am
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Suchakra Sharma
Chief Scientist at Privado.ai

Discover the benefits of the latest code scanning approach to privacy, which allows for increased governance and risk mitigation of sensitive data in your applications. This new technique helps identify hidden privacy risks in your code and provides visibility for remediation. It also enables you to maintain up-to-date data maps, giving you a comprehensive view of your privacy landscape.

In this Webinar:
  • Learn about the new code scanning approach to privacy.
  • How it helps increase governance over the sensitive data flowing through your applications.
  • Discover how privacy code scanning helps find hidden privacy risks in your code and enables remediation with code-level visibility.
  • And how it helps you visualize data maps that are always up-to-date.
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