Privacy Engineering for Transparency and Accountability

The talk advocates for proactive privacy measures via early code scanning during development. It highlights the importance of tracking trust and accountability events to enhance transparency, establish data ownership, and address potential issues before data dissemination.

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8:30 pm
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Suchakra Sharma
Chief Scientist at Privado.ai

In this talk, Suchakra Sharma, Chief Scientist at Privado, argues for a proactive approach to privacy that scans code early in development to understand data flows. Tracking trust and accountability events throughout the software lifecycle can establish transparency and accountability by informing users, establishing data ownership, and fixing issues early before data spreads widely.

In this Webinar:
  • Code scanning early on can help proactively meet transparency and accountability requirements before data spread widely in your systems.
  • Embedding privacy from the code layer and carrying it forward as code is deployed can complement each other.
  • Being proactive is one of the goals of current privacy regulations and recommendations.
  • Scanning code early can help organizations proactively manage privacy and data governance.
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