Introduction to Technical Privacy Reviews

Get an introduction to technical privacy reviews and the key business benefits of integrating this approach into the product development pipeline.

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8:00 am
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Nishant Bhajaria
Author, Privacy Executive
Aaron Weller
Leader, Global Privacy Engineering Center of Excellence, HP
Dhanuja Shaji
Sr. Privacy Engineer at Snap Inc.
Jason Wilson
Privacy Engineering Leader | Ex-Twilio

Technical privacy reviews have been adopted by innovative organizations as a means to address data privacy gaps left open by traditional legal privacy reviews. While necessary, legal privacy reviews have become insufficient for protecting companies and their customers. Their timing and scope put privacy teams between a rock and a hard place, where they must choose between slowing down innovation or allowing privacy debt to grow. Enter, the technical privacy review.

Join Nishant Bhajaria, Author of 'Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers,' and a panel of privacy experts for the first of a two-part series focused on Technical Privacy Reviews. This first session will serve as an introduction to the what and how of technical privacy reviews and focus on the key business benefits of integrating this approach into the innovation pipeline.

In this Webinar:
  • Overview of the business benefits stemming from integrating technical privacy reviews into your innovation pipeline.
  • Guidance on determining whether technical privacy reviews are right for your business.
  • An understanding of why legal reviews are necessary but insufficient and why technical privacy reviews are critical for protecting your company and customers.
  • Why it is vital that privacy engineers are part of the product development process?
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