Privacy Engineering Teams - Pitfalls & Successes to Expect

Learn from privacy engineering leaders about strategies, pitfalls, and measuring ROI to make a revenue-driven case for privacy engineering in your organization.

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11:35 am
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Nishant Bhajaria
Author, Privacy Executive
Lisa Bobbitt
Principal Engineer, Privacy at Cisco
Bindia Mathew
Director, Privacy by Design at ADP

Since privacy engineering is a new function, its playbooks, KPIs and ROI metrics are yet to be defined. Nevertheless, there is a bounty of insights we can learn from the trailblazers who have been running privacy engineering teams during the past few years.

Join a panel of privacy engineering leaders who will share success stories and the pitfalls of running a privacy engineering function. We will go in-depth on the RoI of a privacy engineering function, KPIs, OKRs and some real life stories to help make a revenue driven case for privacy engineering.

In this Webinar:
  • Gain insights into successful strategies employed by privacy engineering leaders, understanding how to effectively navigate and implement privacy initiatives
  • Identify common pitfalls inherent in running a privacy engineering function, learning proactive approaches to overcome challenges and ensure success
  • Understand the critical components of measuring RoI, defining impactful KPIs, and setting OKRs, equipping you to articulate a persuasive, revenue-centric case for the pivotal role of privacy engineering within your organization
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