Introduction to Privacy Red Teaming

Understand how a red team fits in an existing privacy program, the types of organizations that should consider building a red team, and the essential skills needed to be a part of the team.

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8:00 am
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Vaibhav Antil
CEO at Privado.ai
Sam Suri
Offensive Privacy at Apple
Rebecca Balebako
Privacy Engineering Consultant

As adversaries become more sophisticated, privacy red teaming has emerged as a powerful approach to  proactively identify and fix privacy vulnerabilities in an organization's systems.

But what advantages do organizations gain from a privacy red team? How do these experts simulate attacks, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend solutions aligned with broader goals? How can businesses optimize this function's benefits?

Join our host, Vaibhav Antil and panelists Rebecca Balebako, and Sam Suri as they explain the concept of privacy red teaming and provide practical insights for anyone looking to understand or integrate this approach in their organization or start their career in the field.

In this Webinar:
  • What is Red Teaming? How does that apply to Privacy?
  • How does a privacy red team fit into an existing privacy program?
  • Which types of organisations should consider privacy red teams?  
  • What skills are needed to be on a privacy red team?
  • Real-world examples of privacy red teams
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