Shift Privacy Left with Privacy Code Scanning tools

Understand the privacy problems that call for privacy to shift left to developers, use cases, and how code scanning tools solve them at scale.

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10:00 am
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Debra J Farber
JD, CIPP/US, Privacy & Security Advisor
Prashant Mahajan
CTO & Co-founder at Privado.ai

This fireside chat discusses why organizations face an uphill battle to comply with new privacy-related government regulations. We see how the current top-down processes and tooling available in the market make it challenging to scale privacy programs and how code scanning helps solve these challenges.

In this Webinar:
  • Why Shift Privacy Left?
  • Consequences of non-compliance with regulation: fines, data breaches, loss of trust
  • Challenges organizations face in scaling privacy programs
  • How privacy code scanning tools help 

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