Winning Customer Trust with A Privacy Center in Your Software

Shift to customer-centric engineering for transparency and trust, turning compliance into an opportunity for engagement and efficiency. Discover strategies for verifiable compliance and increased business efficiency.

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10:50 am
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Nishant Bhajaria
Author, Privacy Executive
Anurag Naidu
Sr. Engineering Manager, Uber

Shift from compliance-driven to customer-centric engineering. Rather than having compliance dictate your product and engineering plans, you can engineer products that inspire transparency, visibility and trust; that way, rather than fearing regulators, you can engage your customers. With this strategy, your engineering can help drive a more verifiable and cost-effective compliance that results in higher business efficiency at the same time.

Join Anurag Naidu, Sr. Engineering Manager at Uber and Nishant Bhajaria, Technical Privacy Expert who has previously led teams at Uber, Netflix, Nike and Google, as they discuss how enabling customers with visibility and control over their data can lead to increased customer trust and business efficiency. 

In this Webinar:
  • Hear examples of a customer-centric approach that inspires trust, transparency, and visibility for customers
  • Explore ways of turning regulatory concerns into customer engagement with strategic product engineering
  • Discover strategies for cost-effective compliance that drives business efficiency
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