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GDPR Data Mapping: The Definitive Guide

GDPR Data mapping done right has a lot of benefits but it’s important to realize that it is an exercise which requires resources from multiple people in an organization.

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10 Examples of GDPR Cookie Consent

Let us take a look at GDPR Cookie Consent notice, different types of cookie notifications, along with GDPR Cookie Consent examples across all domains.

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10 Steps to Implement Privacy By Design in your organization

How to implement Privacy by Design in your organization

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H&M fined €35 Million for GDPR violation

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information fined H&M €35 Million for GDPR violation. This is the biggest GDPR fine of 2020 and overall 4th after Google's €50 Million fine.

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GDPR Cookie Consent Banner for a Webflow website

Details to add a GDPR cookie banner on a webflow website.

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Spartoo, a multi-national e-commerce company fined €250,000 for GDPR violation

Details of the fine imposed on Spartoo by France's Data Protection Authority, CNIL for violations of GDPR Article 5-1, GDPR Article 13 and GDPR Article 32

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Lawfulness Criteria in GDPR

How does a business become GDPR compliant? Why are cookie consent and consent management needed to be compliant?

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What is Cookie Law?

What is Cookie Law and e privacy directive and what changes after GDPR?

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GDPR Compliance for Websites

What does it mean for a Website to be GDPR or CCPA Compliant?

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