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Introducing Privado integration with OneTrust

Privado integration with OneTrust
Ben Werner
July 10, 2024

We’re excited to announce our integration with OneTrust that can supercharge personal data visibility and privacy governance for thousands of OneTrust customers. 

OneTrust customers can now automatically update their personal data inventory, privacy assessments, and privacy risks in OneTrust with real-time information captured by Privado’s privacy code scanning platform. 

OneTrust is the leading platform for operationalizing privacy, security, and data governance programs. OneTrust offers a wide range of capabilities including privacy management, data retention and access, consent management, and AI governance.

Privado is uniquely equipped to complement OneTrust’s privacy management capabilities by syncing how software collects, uses, shares, and stores personal data to OneTrust. 

By scanning the code that runs websites, user-facing apps, and backend systems, Privado can provide the full context for personal data processing, automate privacy assessments, and automatically identify privacy risks.

For data governance teams, OneTrust takes a data discovery approach to build an inventory of all structured and unstructured data, not just personal data. OneTrust scans databases, SaaS applications, and runs assessments to determine what data is in storage, execute DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests), enforce retention policies, and govern data access permissions. 

To support privacy teams, OneTrust relies on time-intensive questionnaires and assessments to complete personal data mapping and Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs). Because looking at data in storage does not provide context for how data is collected, used, or shared, the results from data discovery cannot be repurposed by privacy teams. With Privado, privacy teams can automatically complete and update their data maps and RoPAs in OneTrust without any questionnaires or further assessments, saving countless hours for privacy and engineering teams.

Additionally, Privado populates data maps in OneTrust with objective and real-time information based on how the codebase directs data to be processed. Instead of relying on subjective responses from questionnaires, OneTrust users can leverage more accurate and comprehensive data maps to identify risks and automate privacy assessments.  

Data Mapping in OneTrust 

How OneTrust + Privado integration works

Update personal data maps with real-time information

Data Mapping with Privado + OneTrust

Privado generates full lifecycle data maps by scanning all the code running a company’s websites, user-facing applications, and backend systems. Privado identifies all personal data elements processed, all destinations receiving personal data including third parties, and maps the flow of data from collection to each destination.

Once integrated with OneTrust, Privado will automatically sync the following information to OneTrust data inventories each time changes are made to the codebase affecting personal data flows: 

  • Data elements, classifications, and categories (according to taxonomy in OneTrust)
  • Processing activities
  • Assets (websites, applications, SDKs, APIs, databases, etc.)
  • Entities (internal groups and partners) 
  • Vendors 
  • Data lineage and data flow diagrams

After the initial sync to OneTrust, any data inventory updates identified by continuous Privado code scans will automatically update in OneTrust. 

Non-compliant personal data sharing from websites and mobile apps currently represents the largest privacy risk for most companies, and OneTrust users must rely on manual questionnaires to identify these data flows.

Privado automatically identifies all personal data elements shared to third parties from websites, any user-facing applications, and backend systems. By syncing this information to data maps, RoPAs, and PIAs in OneTrust, privacy teams can save time and ensure compliance with regulations such as CPRA, CCPA, and GDPR.    

Data flow diagrams are critical final outputs of the data mapping process because they identify risks and demonstrate compliance, especially for RoPA reports required by GDPR. 

Data flow diagrams in OneTrust rely on several manual inputs for each data element. Once integrated, Privado syncs autogenerated data flow diagrams to OneTrust based on the same objective, real-time information powering the rest of the data map. 

Automate RoPAs, PIAs, and other privacy assessments 

Privado utilizes its real-time data maps to automate privacy assessments such as RoPAs, PIAs, and DPIAs required for privacy compliance. 

Because most information needed to complete privacy assessments is derived from how personal data is collected, used, shared, and stored, Privado can pre-fill the vast majority of privacy assessments. 

Privado customers can generate templated or custom assessments for all major privacy regulations including GDPR and CPRA/CCPA. For example, Privado automates 80% of its templated GDPR RoPA report, which includes AI-generated descriptions for each purpose of data processing. The remaining 20% of the RoPA report can quickly be completed by privacy teams without engineering support.

Once Privado pre-fills all automatically gathered information, the assessments can be completed in Privado or OneTrust. Whatever portion is completed in Privado can be synced to assessments in OneTrust, so all assessments can be managed centrally. 

As a result, privacy assessments in OneTrust can be automatically populated with accurate, objective information from Privado code scans, saving teams months from manually completing assessment questionnaires. 

Identify privacy risks without assessments 

During each code scan, Privado automatically evaluates each company’s regulatory requirements against their codebase, the source of truth for personal data flows. 

Each company’s regulatory requirements are converted privacy workflows that identify risks in the Privado platform. With this integration, Privado can sync all risks identified to OneTrust so that all risks can be managed centrally. 

Because most privacy risks are typically only identified during manual privacy assessments, Privado reduces the volume of assessments needed and identifies risks that assessments may miss. 

Additionally, Privado can prevent risks before they go live by scanning code during the software development process. To achieve Privacy by Design, privacy assessments conducted at the software design phase must often be redone when changes are made during the development process. 

Privado can eliminate additional assessments during development by automatically detecting deviations from the design requirements as code is pushed for review. When development is complete, Privado can provide developers with a full checklist of risks to address before each release. 

Instead of relying on assessments that delay the development process, OneTrust customers can now immediately identify and resolve risks synced from Privado.  

Getting started

Reach out to your Privado customer success manager or talk to sales to learn how you can supercharge privacy management in OneTrust with real-time data mapping and privacy risk detection from Privado.

Privado integration with OneTrust
Posted by
Ben Werner
Product Updates
July 10, 2024

Ben leads product marketing at Privado

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