New FTC Guidance Puts Health Apps in the Spotlight

Get an insight into FTC's guidance on what constitutes "health information" and how health app providers can avoid being on the regulator's radar by getting better visibility of data-sharing practices and implementing privacy policies that proactively protect users' data.

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10:00 am
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Debra J Farber
JD, CIPP/US, Privacy & Security Advisor
Vaibhav Antil
CEO at Privado.ai
Kate Black
Partner & Co-Chair of Health Privacy Group at Hintze Law

Against a backdrop of fast-changing attitudes towards privacy in the US, the FTC has issued warnings and sanctions against a few health service providers accused of sharing users' personal health information with third parties and monetizing this information.

Unfortunately, these data-sharing practices are more common than you might think. So how did these providers find themselves in this situation? Is it a matter of interpretation? A matter of data visibility?

In this Webinar:
  • Why privacy leaders struggle to have full visibility and control of data-sharing practices
  • A deep dive into the FTC’s guidance to create a clear understanding of what qualifies as “health information.”
  • How can health app providers implement comprehensive privacy programs that proactively protect users' data and comply with privacy regulations.
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