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Visualize your company's use of personal data, identify privacy risks & generate record of processing activities report.

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With Privado, you can

Build Data Inventory

Auto-Identify GDPR Gaps

Map Cross-Border Transfers

Generate Art. 30 Report

Get Visibility on Data Processing

Create a central record of your processing activities, systems & vendors. Automatically get a list of GDPR gaps, privacy risks & prioritize compliance with search & filters.

No More Unfilled Assessments

Pre-Built Templates to get information from your teams with intuitive options, comments for collaboration & smart reminders.

Visualize Data Flows

Get a bird's eye view on data movement across your system & easily identify cross-border transfers, risks & vendors. Collaborate with your teams & make it a part of your DPIAs.

Fulfill Article 30 Requirements

Generate records of processing activities report in your regulator's format. Automatically syncs with PIAs & DPIAs to keep your reports updated.

We've helped thousands of businesses streamline GDPR & CCPA compliance
Privado simplifies the complex GDPR requirements with its simple interface. Feature rich but yet cost-effective - especially once spreadsheets become unmanageable.
Gary Langrish
Data Protection Officer, TrustHogen
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