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How to Setup Cookie Consent in Joomla Website

Vaibhav Antil, CIPM
April 7, 2022


In order to complete this tutorial, you will need access to a Privado dashboard where you have to perform this following tasks before you can start this guide:

Step 1 : Click on templates.

Templates in Joomla Dashboard
Templates in Joomla Dashboard

Step 2 : Check Active style at site. (In this case it is Protostar star mark )

Active Style in Joomla
Active Style in Joomla

Step 3 : Select the active template.

Step 4 : In the next step, open footer.php.

Step 5 : Paste the cookie consent javascript code. You can get the script from the Integrations page on the privado dashboard.

Step 6 : Click on ‘Save & Close’ to finish the integration process. 

Some other popular CMS options are:

Vaibhav is the founder of and a CIPM certified privacy professional.

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