Gain full data visibility without slowing down development

Learn how Privado syncs compliance with product by tracking all personal data flows in real-time.

Scale Privacy Checks

Illustration showing results after Privacy check using Privado

Without Privado

  • Customer support needs a dashboard. Developers create it & privacy teams are not informed.
  • Dashboard processes user, transactions, and order data.
  • No privacy & security oversight on lawful processing, data access & controls around search history.
  • Violates GDPR & Privacy by Design.

With Privado

  • Privado detects a new code repository with personal data.
  • Privado creates an alert for Privacy teams with complete visibility on data usage.
  • Privacy teams steps in, controls are added to the dashboard.
  • Continuos GDPR compliance & Privacy by Design.

Never miss a Product Change

Illustration showing Privado detection in Product Changes

Without Privado

  • Gender is used to improve the Personalization AI model.
  • A new form is added to the website to collect data.
  • Privacy & Security teams have no visibility of these small change.

With Privado

  • Privado creates a high risk alert to Privacy & Science team.
  • Privado gives remediation guidance to the developer on implementing consent.
  • Complete visibility on product changes—small or big!

Data Mapping in Minutes

Illustration showing Data Mapping using Privado

Without Privado

  • Privacy trains engineering teams & sends assessments for data mapping.
  • Engineers say they do not process PII and don't understand the data mapping scope.
  • Privacy spends months in followups & waiting.
  • The end result is a static data map that is not complete and inaccurate.

With Privado

  • Privado scans all the product code & detects processing activity with personal data processed, data assets & third parties.
  • Privacy teams reviews the processing activities, make sure they have a legal basis & document them.
  • Privacy teams save months in data collection.
  • Dynamic Data Map that is complete, accurate & always up to date.

Track Data Flows to Third Parties

Illustration showing results of Data Flows to Third Parties

Without Privado

  • AD SDK is added to the mobile app. Considered a Data broker under CCPA.
  • Health events are sent to the AD SDK. User privacy policy clearly says no health data is shared.
  • Security Researcher reports to the news it as a Privacy breach.
  • FTC Lawsuit, Regulatory Fines & Reputation loss.

With Privado

  • Privado detects the AD SDK and creates a high risk alert
  • Privado stops the product change from going live without approval of privacy teams
  • Privacy breach is avoided!
  • Company builds customer trust and is compliant.

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